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Personal portfolio holding often accumulate stocks and securities that were bought through various recommendation from analysts, friends, TV anchors and relatives. Although they had lot of optimism and hope when they were bought, but over period, your portfolio starts accumulating them in large quantity. Over time, some continue to ride on Value Proposition while some into a Value Trap zone. Some remain winners while some become Looser.

Smart Screener helps you to identify those Winners and Looser in your portfolio through an extensive screening mechanism so that your portfolio remains winning, and your financial ambition remain High !! Complex Analysis yet Simple report. So why wait?

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How It Works

Smartscreener is a utility service platform that operates on cloud delivery model. We host our application on our own servers including databases, networking and proprietary computing algorithm based on fundamental, Quant and Derivative data set of listed Indian equities.

Smartscreener is a SaaS platform and is accessible to any device with a network connection. SaaS applications are typically accessed via web browsers. You don't need to install any application in any device through which you access network. As a result, anyone using Smartscreener applications are not tasked with the setup and maintenance of the software. Users simply pay a subscription fee to gain access to the software, which is a ready-made solution. In our case, you only pay Rs.299 + GST for every Smartscreener reports that you download. We don't charge any fee for creating portfolio or watch-list.

Our application's source code is the same for all customers, and when new features or functionalities are released, they are rolled out to all customers. Depending on the service-level agreement (SLA), the customer's data for each model may be stored locally, in the cloud or both locally and in the cloud.


A portfolio analysis tool that uses #smartalgo based on Fundamental, Quant and Derivative data.

Risk Profiler

A Quantitative method based on Likert scale approach to help determine the optimal levels of investment risk for clients.

Smart Analytics

A follow-up report on the smartscreener that determines the level of impact on your portfolio due to Value trap stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smartscreener?

Smartscreener is an algorithm based portfolio analysis tool that analyses any equity watchlist / holdings through screening, analysing and reviewing of the portfolio. The objective is to identify the stocks that is high on Value trap than Value proposition.

Is the service regulatory complaint?

All our services are regulatory compliant within its permit. Kindly refer to SEBI Research Analyst regulation 2014 documents or write to us at info@smartscreener.in with your query.

What is the requirement to use Smartscreener services?

Smartscreener is a digital platform that needs basic knowledge and concept of investing and stock market terminologies. Prior knowledge and experience is must to access and use the platform. The user has to posses regulatory registration (either RIA or MFD or Research Analsyt etc) to access and use the platform. We evaluate every user personally to grant access to the platform.

What is the registration fee or commercial implications?

The platform is absolutely free for basic services while regulatory compliance prohibits unsolicited recommendations or equity research advise. Please write to us at info@smartscreener.in to know on our pricing and plan for advanced usage.

Calling Mutual Fund Distributor

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Build a High Quality Portfolio to accelerate your wealth Creation !!

Smartscreener assist you in identifying your Value trap or low growth stocks and help them to get rid of them. These stocks not only drag down your portfolio performance but also delay your wealth creation journey. As you identify these stocks, convert them into a high growth portfolio with a few clicks !!

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Our Partners. Our Pride.

All our association are extremely excited on our services and we share a delightful smartscreening experience with all our partners. Do connect with us and we will share their personal feedback with you.